Bed Minimalism

Author: Thomas F. Pfeifle


"I've found that the less stuff I own, the less my stuff owns me.” 

 ―  Nathan W. Morris 

Own less, to be more

What is your first impression when you think of the world Minimalism? I bet it is about a bed, a lonely chair, white walls with no pictures, a single plant and wardrobe containing not more than 5 pieces.  
An answer like the one given above, is the most common response of people when they think about minimalism. But there is so much more…

Living a minimalist life is not spending less money on things, it is not about reducing your property to an extreme minimum, it is not a competition between people about who owns the less. It’s not getting rid of everything. Minimalism is about figuring out, what’s the most important to you and what you need to fulfill your life. It is about the discovery of the real value of the things for your life and your person and what you need to live a happy and fulfilled life. The goal is to eliminate everything, which is unnecessary for your life and to free yourself from tangible goods, which you do not need.  It is not about possessing less, it is about possessing the important things. 

A list of these important things is not given. It is individual and unique for everyone. If you own a two-thousand-dollar computer, you certainly could get a cheaper one. But minimalism is not about saving money and spending less. If this two-thousand-dollar computer is the perfect tool for your work, because of its capacity and speed, it creates a massive value for your life and is certainly an important item that you cannot do without. 
Minimalism is all about finding value and focusing on value. A minimalism does not own stuff, which he could need one day, or will use once and never again. A minimalist focus on the necessity of stuff, regardless whether this is a two-thousand-dollar computer or a 5-dollar shirt. It is about the self-reflection what he or she needs in his or her life, and what creates pure joy and value. 

In our modern times, life is all about publicly displaying our wealth and our acquirements. We stopped thinking about what truly means something to us. We buy the latest iPhone, to display it in a mirror selfie on Instagram, to present it to the people surrounding us and to feel superior towards others who do not own one.

Purchasing stuff has changed from buying stuff you need and personally desire, to buying stuff which the public loves and appreciates. We now purchase things to impress others instead of purchasing it for ourselves. This consumption of useless things without generating value to you makes us sick. Our life is lead by the things we own, not by the stuff that makes us happy. 
Minimalism is a way, to escape this over-consumption rat race, as it requires to think about what you really need to fulfill your own life. The concession of knowing your purpose and knowing what truly makes you happy, frees you from any societal pressure. If you are truly happy with yourself and you know exactly what makes you happy, you thereby disable your surroundings to influence your happiness and joy. By concentrating on the things we need and getting rid of everything else, we eliminate barriers and narrow our focus. Concentrating on the most significant by making intentional decisions about how you want to create your personal life, takes away the stress, offers time for yourself and narrows your life and yourself.

Knowing who you are and knowing what you need, gives you a head start and enables you to focus on your goals. It is a free donation of time; which others waste by impressing others.