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The 6 Rules of  Wise Investing

1.  Only invest money you don't need for the next 10 years

2.  The longer the investment horizon, the higher the chances of profit 

3.  Diversify your portfolio and spread the risk 

4.  Always take taxes and fees into account

5.  Only invest in what you really understand

6. Never listen to Tips, they often hide selfish interests

Trading stocks and shares with Apple


Shares are stakes in companies, more precisely public limited companies, which anyone can purchase on the stock exchange. The public limited company... 

ETFs trading at the stockexchange


Exchange Traded Funds, also known as ETFs, are investment funds traded on the stock exchange. They bundle a large number of shares and thus diversify the portfolio very... 

Bitcoin Crypto-Currencies Coinbase


...are virtual currencies that function as digital currencies. They are based on the Blockchain technology. They replace banks and rely on the usage of a decentralized network for payment transactions.  

Real Estate in suburb

Real Estate

Due to inflation, the value of money decreases annually between 1 and 1,5 percent. Practically speaking, by holding cash, you constantly loose your money over time.  A very feasible alternative to this is the investment into real estate. Not only...

Creditcard Bank Paying


A loan is the lending of money to another third party, a borrower, who incurs a debt and is liable to pay interest till the principal sum is repaid. Usually loans are given with a fixed period, a fixed or variable interest rate and predefined repayment schedules...